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What’s in a Name?

Welcome to Butterfly Heart by D.

Butterfly Heart by D is a handcrafted jewellery design business created by De & Di. De loves butterflies, Di loves hearts! We are a daughter and mum team hence the ‘D’ which completes our business name.

We spent a lot of time thinking of a name and I think that’s true for a lot of businesses. We wanted something that reflected who we were and convey our style and interests but most of all linked us together because it’s always been a team effort. From the earliest days of making handmade cards and having all the paper, card, glues, paints and fabric on the dining room table. We would have dinner then get set up for the evening and often work past midnight and be too tired to tidy up but needing to make the effort as we didn’t want the house to look messy. Sometimes we left the dining table as it was, only to begin again the next day.

De always liked butterflies, as they represent freedom to be transformed into whatever you desire. The colours and individual patterns have always captured my interest. Di always liked hearts and there are many designs that incorporate a heart theme. A heart is the ultimate representation of love and we love what we do. Always creating and designing, thinking of the next piece, listening to our customers and continuing to develope our range to grow the business just as we have grown our relationship. That’s what it’s always been about. The enjoyment of creating together and to see someone wearing one of our pieces the greatest compliment.

Creating this blog is the next step, and we hope to continue to invite you to enjoy our story and share with us along the way.

Lots of love
De & Di