Top 5 – My Delicate Garden

I have been continuing to enjoy capturing the everyday with my camera. I participate in various photo a day and themed challenges to keep learning and practicing. Photography has given me some amazing moments. There has been lots that aren’t worthy of a second look, but other photos I am very pleased that I did keep shooting.

The current theme I am working on is delicate. The meaning of delicate from Wiktionary is From Middle English delicat, from Latin delicatus (“giving pleasure, delightful, soft, luxurious, delicate, in Medieval Latin also fine, slender”), from delicia, usually in plural deliciae (“pleasure, delight, luxury”), from delicere (“to allure”), from de (“away”) + lacere (“to allure, entice”).

One of my other passions is my garden and I continue to be amazed at the things I discover there and what my camera and hopefully me, can bring to life and share with you.

The following are the Top 5 Photos that I believe capture this delicate theme.











Each one of these photographs I believe show the different meanings of delicate within my garden.  I submitted the last one for my challenge as it was a combination of meanings.  I liked the contrast with the texture from the trunk of a gum tree in the background and the afternoon sun filtering through. xx


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