Capture the Moment

This year I’ve rediscovered my passion of photography.   I participated in an online photography course to improve my skills, details here at Click Grow Love. I had purchased a Nikon DSLR camera last year and had only briefly taken it out of the box to put the battery in and take a few shots. So I decided it was time to learn how to use it, especially the manual mode.

What I did discover was that I could be very patient waiting for the moment. However sometimes I took lots and lots of shots to try and capture the perfect one. Of course,  what I thought would be great, when loaded on the computer sometimes didn’t quite turn out right. I really enjoyed the feeling of camera in hand, holding up close to view and then the click of the shutter. Photo taken!

Here’s one of my early photos, a gorgeous frangipani.


Frangipani in my Garden

Frangipani in my Garden


My garden was a great source of inspiration and it was amazing what I discovered there.  One of the tasks was learning to capture movement.  I was delighted to capture this bee enjoying the sunshine and the pollen from these gorgeous purple flowers.


Flying Bee

Flying Bee



I look forward to learning my camera settings and sharing some more photos.  I continue to be inspired by the every day moments and get a great thrill when I do take a one I am happy with.


Pattern of a Spiders Web

Pattern of a Spiders Web


Do you enjoy taking photos and using a camera to do so? Where do you find your source of inspiration?





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