Top 5 – My Delicate Garden

I have been continuing to enjoy capturing the everyday with my camera. I participate in various photo a day and themed challenges to keep learning and practicing. Photography has given me some amazing moments. There has been lots that aren’t worthy of a second look, but other photos I am very pleased that I did keep shooting.

The current theme I am working on is delicate. The meaning of delicate from Wiktionary is From Middle English delicat, from Latin delicatus (“giving pleasure, delightful, soft, luxurious, delicate, in Medieval Latin also fine, slender”), from delicia, usually in plural deliciae (“pleasure, delight, luxury”), from delicere (“to allure”), from de (“away”) + lacere (“to allure, entice”).

One of my other passions is my garden and I continue to be amazed at the things I discover there and what my camera and hopefully me, can bring to life and share with you.

The following are the Top 5 Photos that I believe capture this delicate theme.











Each one of these photographs I believe show the different meanings of delicate within my garden.  I submitted the last one for my challenge as it was a combination of meanings.  I liked the contrast with the texture from the trunk of a gum tree in the background and the afternoon sun filtering through. xx


I love Orchids!

I have been continuing to practice my photography skills and  I was delighted to have these orchids in my kitchen over the last few weeks.  I was fortunate to have the white cymbidium show a new stem of flowers this season.  The pink and lime orchids were new purchases this year.  Well worth it as the flowers have lasted for quite a few weeks and it’s been really lovely to have each flower open over time.


White Cymbidium

White Cymbidium







It’s nature at it’s best, I love the colours and the beauty in these orchids.  I hope to be able to look after them so they can return again next year.  If you have any suggestions to keep these orchids showing flowers each year, it would be greatly appreciated.  xx

A Cup of Tea with Me

Hello & welcome to my blog.

I really enjoy a cup of tea and I hope you’ll sit for a while and enjoy a break from your day.  I was delighted to join in the Cup of Tea with Me suggestion by Pip of Meet Me at Mikes.  I have been doing a blogging course with Pip since May and slowly step by step making progress. Improving my skills, sharing my thoughts and hopefully you will also join me along the way! I love photography, taking long walks, making jewellery, gardening and butterflies.

As I was writing my thoughts for this post, sometimes I feel overwhelmed with lots to do but what I have found is that taking time for ourselves is really important.  From enjoying a cup of tea, like we are here (or whatever your drink of choice is), going for a walk, reading a favourite book or just relaxing doing nothing.


Cup of Tea



At the moment I love peacocks, hence this gorgeous teapot and teacup set.    I love the colours and design, it’s nice to use a tea pot to enjoy my tea.   I usually have tea with Breakfast, and switch to coffee later on in the day.  When do you like to enjoy your tea?


Flowers in my garden



I am also rediscovering my passion of photography, here’s my recent post about it.  I want to take some more photos and keep practicing and perhaps share some with you.  I’ve really enjoyed the experience of taking photos from different angles and places as well as learning the manual settings on my camera.


Walking by the ocean


I also enjoy walking in my local area.  It’s great to get up early and start the day with a walk.  I also enjoy a walk by the ocean as it’s very calming.


One of our Pendants


Of course making jewellery is also a passion of mine. Di (my Mum) & I enjoy doing that together.  I am in the process of updating the website and will keep you informed of any changes.  Part of the reason to improve my photography skills was also to update my product images to make it easier to see the items and the detail in each piece.



Herb Garden


My garden has become a great source of happiness. I enjoy watching things grow and change with the seasons.  I’m currently working on a herb garden and I would like to start a vegetable garden which I might attempt in the spring.


Black & White Butterfly

I have taken lots of photo’s from closeup insects, flowers and plants. Of course I love butterflies to and was really pleased to see this one in my garden.


Thank you for sharing a cup of tea with me and I think I’ll pour another cup to sit and enjoy some of the other blogs.


Capture the Moment

This year I’ve rediscovered my passion of photography.   I participated in an online photography course to improve my skills, details here at Click Grow Love. I had purchased a Nikon DSLR camera last year and had only briefly taken it out of the box to put the battery in and take a few shots. So I decided it was time to learn how to use it, especially the manual mode.

What I did discover was that I could be very patient waiting for the moment. However sometimes I took lots and lots of shots to try and capture the perfect one. Of course,  what I thought would be great, when loaded on the computer sometimes didn’t quite turn out right. I really enjoyed the feeling of camera in hand, holding up close to view and then the click of the shutter. Photo taken!

Here’s one of my early photos, a gorgeous frangipani.


Frangipani in my Garden

Frangipani in my Garden


My garden was a great source of inspiration and it was amazing what I discovered there.  One of the tasks was learning to capture movement.  I was delighted to capture this bee enjoying the sunshine and the pollen from these gorgeous purple flowers.


Flying Bee

Flying Bee



I look forward to learning my camera settings and sharing some more photos.  I continue to be inspired by the every day moments and get a great thrill when I do take a one I am happy with.


Pattern of a Spiders Web

Pattern of a Spiders Web


Do you enjoy taking photos and using a camera to do so? Where do you find your source of inspiration?




Taking Stock

I like the idea of having a gap year, to do all the things I never seem to have time for while working and taking care of everyday life. So, this year has been an attempt to try and do some different activities. One of them includes a blogging course from Pip at Meet Me at Mikes.  Pip is inspirational and has a very comprehensive blogging course that is well worth looking in to.

One of the assignments is a Taking Stock post, as per the list below.  So here is my list and I might revisit it in a few months. I hope you enjoy my list and if intrigued your welcome to comment or create your own.

Making, Enjoying, Cooking, Wishing, Looking.

Making, Enjoying, Cooking, Wishing, Looking.

Here’s the list…

Making : Some new pendants, just need to add the leather
Cooking : Homemade scones with Di (Mum)
Drinking : Water, definitely more water
Reading: Photography tips
Wanting: To become fit and have more energy
Looking: At the sea, it gives me a sense of calmness
Playing: With my DSLR camera and it’s settings
Deciding: On what to do next
Wishing: I could get up early and go for a walk, I miss that time
Enjoying: My garden, improving it and watching things change over the seasons
Waiting: Tired of waiting
Liking: Our new kitchen
Wondering: What I could achieve if I stopped thinking and started doing.
Loving: A friends two beautiful boys and watching them grow
Pondering: Where life will take me
Considering: To cut my hair, after I have spent a long time growing back the length.
Watching: House Rules
Hoping: For new beginnings
Marvelling: At nature and how every part has a role to play
Needing: To trust myself

Smelling: Instant coffee that my Dad makes, it tastes good too because he makes it.
Wearing: Lots of black, but love bright colours especially in Winter
Following: The amazing bloggers in the course.
Noticing:  My skin is really dry
Knowing: The old cliche, if it’s going to be it’s up to me
Thinking: Of the next blog post
Feeling: Strong yet sometimes overwhelmed.
Admiring: People who get it done
Sorting: Clutter, stuff that I have accumulated over the years.
Buying: New towels in peacock & chevron pattern
Getting: Motivated
Bookmarking: Family History sites
Disliking: Old promotional signs
Opening: My heart to new love
Giggling: Good to find the funny side of life
Snacking: Pink Lady apples
Wishing: To spend more time creating
Helping: Mum & Dad
Hearing: Possums have found their way in my bedroom ceiling, very noisy!

If you wish to try your own here is the list …..

Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :


What’s in a Name?

Welcome to Butterfly Heart by D.

Butterfly Heart by D is a handcrafted jewellery design business created by De & Di. De loves butterflies, Di loves hearts! We are a daughter and mum team hence the ‘D’ which completes our business name.

We spent a lot of time thinking of a name and I think that’s true for a lot of businesses. We wanted something that reflected who we were and convey our style and interests but most of all linked us together because it’s always been a team effort. From the earliest days of making handmade cards and having all the paper, card, glues, paints and fabric on the dining room table. We would have dinner then get set up for the evening and often work past midnight and be too tired to tidy up but needing to make the effort as we didn’t want the house to look messy. Sometimes we left the dining table as it was, only to begin again the next day.

De always liked butterflies, as they represent freedom to be transformed into whatever you desire. The colours and individual patterns have always captured my interest. Di always liked hearts and there are many designs that incorporate a heart theme. A heart is the ultimate representation of love and we love what we do. Always creating and designing, thinking of the next piece, listening to our customers and continuing to develope our range to grow the business just as we have grown our relationship. That’s what it’s always been about. The enjoyment of creating together and to see someone wearing one of our pieces the greatest compliment.

Creating this blog is the next step, and we hope to continue to invite you to enjoy our story and share with us along the way.

Lots of love
De & Di